After 20 years of working and gaining experience in a variety of fields, it is now time to share our knowledge and experience with anyone who is interested.
The Professional Welding Clinic (PWC) was founded in 2016 to assist all owners, directors, managers, engineers, inspectors, and others with concerns related to:

  • Mining
  • Steel fabrication
  • Rail vehicles industries
  • Power plants and stations
  • Oil and Gas
  • Defence
  • Pressure vessel equipment
  • Storage tank
  • Pipeline and piping
  • Industrial Metallurgy Engineering
  • Welding Engineering (Welding problems-WPS-PQR-WQT-Weld Map—NDT Map)
  • Quality Management (Quality Control and Quality Assurance)
  • Welding Supervision and Inspection
  • NDT
  • Consultancy