DIN 2303

Quality requirements to be met by production and maintenance companies for military products. The DIN 2303 standard specifies minimum requirements for quality systems and methods for manufacturer qualification in the military sector.

For Rheinmetall Project in Australia this certificate is mandatory for all fabricators involve in welding

Quality Consultation

What we can do:

  • Preparing welding procedures (WPS)
  • Preparing welding procedure qualification (PQR/WPQR)
  • Welder performance qualification (WQT/WPQ)
  • Providing Quality documents (MDR-Final Book)
  • Consultancy¬†in all aspects of welding and quality
  • Inspection (Visual Inspection-Non-destructive testing)
  • Review or prepare your documents in quality control specially in welding
  • Attending to your meeting with client if you face a problem
  • training in welding and quality control
  • stay as a representative of your company here and this area