Welding Supervision and Inspection

Welding Inspection

  • An excellent understanding of physical welding methods with quality / documentation requirements is held and shared by the inspectors with clients and fabricators, including their vast knowledge of Australian & International Standards.
  • Full review of welding processes and procedures can be performed at the desk top and on-site, including results of physical, metallurgical and corrosion tests.
  • We also maintain visual surveillance of welding and fabrication on-site and comprehensive surveillance reports are generated weekly and made available to the equipment owner or engineering organization.
  • If you require any inspection or supervision, we are ready to help you by qualified personnel

Welding Supervision

  • We provide certified welding supervisors from the commencement to the end of a project or assisting on smaller scale work by performing one or all of the following;
  • perform site welding and safety audits
  • select welding consumables & techniques
  • perform and document detailed and concise welding procedures
  • qualify welding personnel
  • determine weld procedure qualification tests
  • setting up Inspection and Test Plans (ITP’s)
  • perform welding workshop & site inspection
  • establish and conduct welding quality assurance services
  • maintain and establish Manufacturing Data Reports (MDR’s)
  • We continually assist the welding personnel and report back to the fabricator / site erection management or engineering on the day to day welding performance.